Menupack MP190 Tray Sealing Machine

The Menupack MP190 packaging machine is a great and at the same time very simple solution for you

The packaging machine is made of high-quality stainless steel INOX, has microprocessor-controlled electronics with an LCD display, which, with an LED, warns of the end of the packaging cycle. The packing time of one bowl is set to 3 seconds, the machine has a counter of sealed bowls. The advantage of the machine is the locking handle, which simplifies handling during packaging, reduces effort and ensures high-quality and uniform sealing of the bowl around the entire perimeter. A simpler version of the machine is the Menupack MP 185 with a potentiometer (manual temperature adjustment). The Menupack MP190 packaging machine is one of the most modern devices in the segment of manual semi-automatic machines for sealing gastro bowls. It has a suitable size and weight for every operation and kitchen. It has the best quality/price ratio in its class. It is characterized by high quality sealing of the packaging and simple handling. Its advantage is also easy operation and a wide selection of additional equipment.

Sealing mold of your choice for FREE!

Warranty and post-warranty repair service!

Baliaci stroj Menupack MP190 - kľúčové vlastnosti

Technical parameters

500 x 240 x 235 mm 

240 x 190 mm 

8 minutes

230V, 50Hz / 3A

600 W

Video with the introduction of the machine

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