Sealing vacuum machine
Alhena FHC-1300C

ALHENA vacuum packaging machine is the top of the market!

ALHENA is the largest vacuum packaging machine on the market. Its extreme strength and versatility make it an ideal machine for businesses that need to package large quantities of products. Butcher shops and huts will find the greatest use, but the machine can also be used, e.g. in construction or healthcare.

Vacuum sealing
Arrangement of sealing strips
Tesmit Software

Automatic opening and closing

The machine can be additionally equipped with an automatic opening and closing system to facilitate and speed up the vacuuming process.

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Technical parameters

The Italian company Tesmit s.r.l. was born like many successful companies in the industrial area of Bergama. The beginnings of the company consisted in the development of technical parts and components for third-party companies. The company's next step was the development of tailor-made industrial equipment for the most diverse industries: from the food industry to the chemical industry, passing through the automotive and pharmaceutical industries. Currently, it specializes, among other things, in the design and construction of the highest quality packaging machines in the world. All machines are 4.0 certified and run on Tesmit software developed by the company.

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