Menupack ECO Tray Sealing Machine

Menupack ECO - the best-selling sealing machine in Slovakia

The Menupack ECO packaging machine is manufactured directly in Martin. An ideal choice for the customer in terms of quality / price. The hand-operated wrapping machine is light and compact, perfectly adapted for applications on standard kitchen tables. Suitable for a kitchen packing up to 160 meals per hour, this machine has an easy change of bowl forms and an automatic foil cutting system. It is an ideal choice of Eco machine in terms of quality/price ratio.

Sealing mold of your choice for FREE!

Lifetime repair service for the machine FREE

Menupack ECO Tray Sealing Machine - key features

Technical parameters

500 x 240 x 235 mm 

240 x 190 mm 

8 minutes

230V, 50Hz / 3A

600 W

Video with the introduction of the machine

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